January 20, 2019 / 3.30 PM

Because You're Beautiful - Yoga with Toni Childs

Doors open 3.30pm

Commences 4.00pm for approx 2.5 hours

Cost $59.00 a ticket

Bring a yoga mat and/or towel and water bottle, comfy clothing

...Come and celebrate your magnificence with a very special music, yoga and movement experience...

Toni Childs' powerful voice bathes you in sound and love - and aligns you with the truth - YOU are Beautiful!

Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, Toni Childs offers a truly unique workshop,

“I designed a yoga experience which combines improvisational dance, meditation, story-telling and singing plus a number of gentle asanas... In creating this session, I have drawn on instruction from two important yoga teachers: Peewee G Patricia Howard and Chocho Saul David Raye. I sing and bathe you in loving resonance as we transition from one section of our session to another ending with my Emmy-Award winning song Because You’re Beautiful. Each of us are beautiful, dynamic beings, crying out to experience more self love, self appreciation, and self care. My practice is a way to blast the doors off the hinges to our personal cages of limitation and engage in deepening our relationship with our ourselves.”

Toni's session is a two hour workshop, the Hatha Yoga is softened with a Yin-inspired, heart restorative, mindfulness practice consciously connecting people to their personal seed of evolution, inspiring them to grow this seed through acts of playful self love, self appreciation and self advocacy!

The Because You’re Beautiful sessions will enrich your community in a many ways. Toni’s workshop helps break down the barriers that often keep men and women at odds with themselves and others. Individuals within the yoga community will become inspired to do greater personal work to let go of what is not serving their evolutionary process.

Yoga and other communities around the world have become more cohesive through these sessions. It’s a great opportunity for teachers and studio owners to inspire their students to take their practice to another level.

Breakdown of the Because You’re Beautiful sessions Movement - How my sessions start I start by heating up the body with dance and celebration. I give each person the opportunity to be the centre of attention and share their vibrant, beautiful selves with us and be celebrated for it! This allows the group to bond by bringing out the child in everyone, at the same time we prepare the body for asanas. Movement & saying 'Yes' to life at the end of the 15 minute sequence gets the heart pumping oxygen, allowing us to drop any inhibitions we may have walked into the room with. This opens people up to doing what they came to do - let go of what does not serve them and connect in with the beauty of who they are!! Toni sings the first of four songs on the heels of this sequence while people lay in savasana. Asanas We then move into a 25 minute sequence starting with a two round gratitude salutation Toni practiced and learned from a friend in Nepal and slips into the asanas using sound and gravity to release energy out of the body in order to sit in silent meditation. No previous Yoga experience required it's just movement ... Meditation 10 minutes of silent meditation; Toni shares a 4 count breath technique and sings people into meditation and out of meditation.


Toni uses her voice, songs and storytelling abilities to reflect the beauty that exists in each one of us. Toni sings four songs during key transitional points in the session and ends the practice with a story and her Emmy Award winning song Because You're Beautiful.

"We are a beauty that can never be hurt, harmed or endangered. We can never be made more beautiful nor can we be made less beautiful because our very essence is beauty itself. I want to invite you to connect in with the beauty of who you are and begin loving yourselves in new ways; building a relationship of self love, self appreciation and self advocacy." - Toni Childs

This is roughly how the session will go depending on numbers in attendance:

15 min dance and celebration, 30 min asanas, 10 min silent meditation singing two songs; one, into meditation and one out of meditation, 45 min storytelling segment, and culminating in the Emmy Award winning song, Because You're Beautiful.